Vincent Vanderheeren

Vincent loves working with people. His focus has always been to get the best out of them. It’s been 12 years now since he first got in contact with Agile. First as a developer, using XP practices, he quickly realized the importance of quality, which made it possible to teach this understanding to fellow developers. But it was only after being able to introduce teams, taking his first steps in Scrum as a Certified Scrum master, that he got to see the real power of jelled teamwork.

Everything started to fit together: the quality, the proudness, continuous improvement, and customer value resulting from it. Since then it never stopped, evolving to Advanced Kanban, specializing further in it, and now working his way into Lean implementation and management Systems. Vincent already guided complete Agile company transitions. Passionate about the Kanban method, he has built several, resulting in many project successes. Each team had its own context and thus specific Kanban implementation that was owned by the team. It served as a great mechanism to jell the teams, sustain stable delivery and improvement.