Koen Vastmans

I started my career in IT in 1992 as a developer. After being involved in several development environments, using different technologies (mainly Java based) in different business entities, I switched to training and coaching in 2011, initially focusing on modeling and design, later on agile.

I was full time agile trainer and coach for about 6 years, when I decided I wanted to be more involved in technical stuff again. So in 2018 I started focusing on processes in a DevOps context: just technically enough to understand what’s going on, without the need to actually do it. But once agile coach, always agile coach, I guess? So in that same year I started developing my first serious game (the Scrumban simulation), together with a former colleague.

At the end of 2019 I started my secondary occupation with products and services using simulations and gamification (with the Scrumban simulation as a first product). Build-Run-Improve-Repeat is my second game, currently fully corona-proof without compromising the gameplay, as an online version on Tabletopia.com. How does it work? Check out this video.