Heitor Roriz Filho

I am someone deeply involved in the Scrum/Agile world since late 2004. In 2005/2006 I took my CSM class in the city that  now is being massacred by COVID-19: Manaus. The course was taught by Martine Devos, a belgian Certified Scrum Trainer who showed me a whole different world.

I was back then attending a PMP prep course, which in those days were lengthy (not to mention boring). So I dropped this course and delved into the Scrum world. I founded my company in June 2007 still in Manaus until in 2010 I moved to São Paulo, the most dynamic and richest city in the southern hemisphere.

I became a Certified Scrum Trainer in Jan 2011, which allowed me to travel teaching and transforming companies around the globe. My company grew and life was perfect. Sadly in 2015 I noticed that the symbiotic relation I was creating with my customers wasn’t transforming ANYTHING. They depended on my consultants too much and even after delivering outstanding training and laying out plans to help customers operate using the Scrum management model I noticed nothing got really transformed.

Life wasn’t perfect anymore and I made it my mission to find out and fix the problem, whatever it was. The problem was the organization’s management model and now I had to fix it: how can you run a Digital Transformation project on top of a 100 year old foundation? That’s how old the foundations of management are! Scrum and its derivatives as S@S, LeSS, Holacracy, Sociocracy do not fix it for you.

Since then I have been providing alternatives to the centenary management foundation in companies (even startups) and… life is becoming perfect again.