Erkan Kadir

Erkan Kadir is at his best when he is working with teams and talking about big ideas. As co-founder of the Superheroes Academy, a coaching organization that’s set out to level up the skills of agile practitioners worldwide, he is able to coach teams into greater understanding of themselves.

He is a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach℠ (CEC), Certified Team Coach℠ (CTC), Certified Organization and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSCC), ICF Professional Certified Coach (ICF-PCC) and an IC-Agile Certified Coach (IC-ACC). Erkan draws on many years of experience building products, managing teams, and leading organizations to catalyze growth in a diverse range of clients.


Erkan provides coaching, mentoring and certification programs to individuals and organizations as the co-founder and coach at Superheroes Academy.